i’m officially in!

After days of observing the tutors and practice teaching, I’ll be starting officially as a tutor this Thursday at the Tutoring Club BTC! The first few days were somehow challenging for me. I love to write but teaching the technical stuff to young ones is a different thing altogether. Books and reading materials are also some of my favorite things but I have yet to learn how to impart that love for reading and learning to these kids. Lord, help me and expand my territories. Thank You for this opportunity, Lord. It’s something new!


2 thoughts on “i’m officially in!

    • haha! tama! bilib ako, riz. tutor sa tutoring club. i teach writing, reading, beginning readers and elementary math. franchise daw ito. they have a branch in katipunan.

      nope, not fulltime. it’s just for this summer then probably after 4pm when i get off from work if i’ll be given a sked by the tutoring club director come june.:) sideline lang.:0

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