single @ 30 & grateful :0

Well inspite of what the world usually throws at single, 30 year old women, I still believe that if it’s in God’s plan for me to marry and have kids, I’ll meet the man He has reserved for me in His time. God’s plan is always tied to His ways and His timing. When we say we want His plan, we have to do it His way and when He deems it right. I learned that the hard way, I guess.

While most of us want the end goal ASAP, God is more interested in the process (as the saying goes). I’ve been in several emotional pit stops in the past because I “chased God’s will” rather than pursuing God first. There were a lot of times that I was foolish or made several foolish decisions according to Biblical standards and, thank God, He is continually renewing my mind about men and relationships.

In my younger days, I believed that it was okay for women to pursue men since our age has been known to be the age of liberation and equality. But the question is: Is that what God had in mind when He created me? Is that His blueprint for courtship, women and relationships? Surely not! While the world can believe lots of modern stuff about relationships and dating, God has timeless truths and principles that not only adhere to the highest standards of morality but also bring protection to women and their hearts…and yes, to the men as well.

Thank God for renewing my mind about flirting. Thank God for renewing my mind about honoring men especially married men and how important boundaries are when relating to committed men. Thank God for fathers who tell their daughters the truth even when it hurts and for covenant friends who pray for protection over your heart, mind and soul.

I’m not an expert at relationships. I’m still single but I’ve learned that it is best to give God your heart and trust Him with it.


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